25 DIY Creative Dried Wheat Decorations You Can Try Yourself This Fall

DIY creative dried wheat decorations

These dried wheat decoration ideas are simple but gorgeous! I think I’m going to try some of them this fall. Check out this beautiful gallery and share it with your friends!

As we spend a lot of time at home these days, I think it’s important we make our space look nice and cozy. In the past years, I wouldn’t care much about home decorating, because I was hardly ever here. But since I am always home nowadays, I like to make my space look nice by always buying fresh flowers and putting up seasonal ornaments. Now that it is officially autumn, I found some nice fall decorating ideas and DIY projects that I am going to try. These DIY dried wheat decorating ideas are simple, easy to make, cheap, and stunning! Check them out and share the fun with your friends!

1. This fall wreath is so beautiful! And if you like crafts, I think you can do it yourself. I'm going to try it!

creative dried wheat wreath

2. This dried wheat bouquet is perfect for autumn. And it will last a lot more than flowers.

creative dried wheat decoration

3. Dried wheat mixed with feathers. A wonderful combination.

creative dried wheat in a vase

4. If you're hosting a dinner these days, this fall centerpiece could be a nice touch.

creative dried wheat table centerpiece

5. This is an easy DIY dried wheat decoration. A transparent container or vase, some pebbles or white beans, and the wheat is all you need.

creative dried wheat bouquets

6. You need a little bit of time and patience to pull this out, but check out how nice these wall decorations are.

creative dried wheat wall ornaments

7. I'm not that talented to be able to make this myself, but it's so gorgeous, I thought it was worth sharing. So elegant!

creative dried wheat wall decoration

8. A rustic wreath made of dried cereal, feathers and some dried flowers. Very beautiful!

creative dried wheat window wreatg

9. How nice! I love these beautiful white candles!

creative dried wheat candle ornament

10. If you have a nice candle in a glass, you can decorate it using dried wheat and some string, and you'll get a nice autumn ornament.

creative dried wheat candle

11. I love this creative idea! And so easy to make!

creative dried wheat wall decoration

12. A great way to decorate a table if you're hosting a dinner this fall. Just look how great dried wheat looks near black and white pieces. Stunning!

creative dried wheat table decoration

13. Just gorgeous! What a nice way to welcome fall.

creative dried wheat patio entrance decoration

14. Something simple, easy to make, cheap, and so beautiful. I love this creative idea!

creative dried wheat candle support

15. Such a beautiful fall decoration! You can buy this, but I think you can also do it yourself if you have a nice frame and some dried wheat. It looks great!

creative dried wheat framed wall decoration

16. I fell in love with this dried wheat arrangement! I'm not sure how they dyed it blue, but I know there are some natural dyes that could work, like red cabbage. You can boil it in water and maybe dip the wheat into it? I'll definitely try this!

creative dried wheat dyed blue

17. By far, this is my favorite dried wheat fall decoration. This wreath is so elegant! I love it.

creative dried wheat elegant wreath

18. If you want to add color to your wheat bouquet, you can do it using colored cotton thread. Very easy to make!

creative dried wheat colorful

19. A nice rustic wreath made of dried cereal. Lovely!

creative dried wheat wall wreath

20. Such a gorgeous dried wheat bouquet!

creative dried wheat bouquet

21. Such a creative autumn decoration idea! Really stunning!

creative dried wheat decoration

22. This is a rustic dried wheat arrangement which I love. Very nice combination with the small pumpkins.

creative dried wheat in a vase

23. Beautiful arrangement! I think white goes great with the golden color of dried wheat.

creative dried wheat in a white vase

24. Look how great this bouquet is! The lovely pink looks amazing next to the golden shade of dried wheat.

creative dried wheat and pink flowers

25. Perfect autumn colors! I love this beautiful fall wreath!

creative dried wheat

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