25 Cute Donkeys That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

funny donkey cute photo

Donkeys are so adorable, I just love them! These cute photos are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

You know, when someone has a bad day, it helps if you show them a little ass. And in this cute gallery, you’ll see several. I never knew baby donkeys could be so sweet, and I’m already googling if you can keep them as pets, in an apartment. I’m just kidding, of course. But I am serious when I say I love them! Check out the adorable donkeys in this gallery and share the fun with anyone who could use a reason to smile today

1. Look at this cutie!

funny donkey cute photo

2. There's so much love in this photo!

funny donkey cute photo

3. Who knew cats and donkeys were best buds?

funny donkey cute photo

4. "Bad day? Gimme a kiss!"

funny donkey cute photo

5. I make the exact same look when I see cookies.

funny donkey cute photo

6. Selfie time!

funny donkey smile cute photo

7. Poor guy was on his feet the whole day...

funny donkey sits on fence cute photo

8. So fluffy!

funny baby donkey cute photo

9. Just a cute donkey chilling in the pool. Carry on.

funny donkey in pool cute photo

10. Summer time!

funny donkey cute photo

11. When you're in public and you remember an inappropriate joke.

funny donkey laughing cute photo

12. Hello!

funny donkey cute photo

13. Puss in Boots, is that you?

funny donkey cute photo

14. Now that's a handsome huy!

funny donkey cute photo

15. When she finally comes back home after being gone all day.

funny donkey cute photo

16. They look like me and my high school friends.

funny donkeys cute photo

17. Just saying Hi.

18. So much cuteness!

funny baby donkey cute photo

19. Baby donkey had a full day.

funny baby donkey sleeping cute photo

20. Feed me, human.

funny donkey cute photo

21. This cat's got a sweet ride!

funny cat rides donkey cute photo

22. A little ass sleeping in the grass.

funny donkey sleeping cute photo

23. Mom and baby love.

funny donkey cute photofunny donkeys cute photo

24. Such a cutie!

funny baby donkey cute photo

25. Awww! So adorable!

funny donkey cute photo

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