25 BEST Hilarious Memes That Made Us Laugh Out Loud This Week

Funny Meme May

Check out these hilarious memes and share the fun with your friends!

These are the best, most hilarious memes that made us laugh this week. I say there is plenty of bad news on the Internet, so let’s spread some humor for a change! Are you in? Check out these funny random memes and share the fun with your friends!

1. Too bad I missed it!

Funny Meme May I almost saw a vampire this morning.

2. The nap is necessary!

Funny Meme May We may not party like we used to, but if we take a nap, we can stay up till dark!

3. Bartenders would better get back to the bars, because we're ready to party!

Funny Meme May Bartenders finding new jobs after all the bars close down

4. You do what you've got to do.

Funny Meme May When someone buys you a bath bomb and you only have a shower.

5. The news, that is.

Funny Meme May If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to share it with everyone on here. Oh, I don't mean the money. I'm just gonna tell you all that I won.

6. Mmm, bacon. I love bacon.

Funny Meme May I may not be good-looking, athletic, funny, talented, or smart... I forgot where I was going with this, but I do know that I love bacon.

7. Me, I'm a comedian.

Funny Meme May Everyone has a hidden talent they don't know about until tequila is poured.

8. It's so annoying when this happens!

Funny Meme May Me, waving back to someone who was actually waving to someone behind me.

9. This is how rumors start!

Funny Meme May And suddenly, Bob found himself the topic of all the office gossip.

10. Finally! Someone said it!

Funny Meme May It had to be said!

11. Karma is also a good word.

Funny Meme May Revenge sounds so mean! That's why I prefer to call it 'returning the favor'

12. I've read mine and it hurt.

Funny Meme May Did you know? If you clean the pile of receipts in your purse and stack them together, it makes a tiny book about why you're broke.

13. A minute is a lot of time when you're exercising!

Funny Meme May You never realize how long a minute is until you start exercising.

14. Hot, but yummy!

Funny Meme May If you are under a certain age, let me assure you this apple pie was served at the surface temperature of planet Mercury.

15. Commas are important, people!

Funny Meme May How to cook crack and clean a crab Step one: use commas.

16. I could eat some fish...

Funny Meme May The doctor said I should eat more fish...

17. It's always a surprise!

Funny Meme May Spring cleaning is like a treasure hunt... You never know what you'll find.

18. I finally found a diet I can stick to.

Funny Meme May My liquid diet is going great! After 5 glasses of wine, I no longer care how fat I am.

19. This dog looks fun, we could be best friends!

Funny Meme May I don't know who this dog is or why he's banned from the park, but he certainly seems like a lot of fun.

20. This pandemic has changed so many things...

Funny Meme May Fat Mannequins, after the lockdown.

21. The best way to define a sweater.

Funny Meme May Sweater, n.: garment worn by child when mother is feeling chilly.


Funny Meme May I finally found out who's been spending all my money.

23. Dance like no one's watching, always!

Funny Meme May Always Dance like nobody's watching.

24. A big glass of dinner, LOL.

Funny Meme May I can't wait to get home and pour myself some dinner.

25. I'll go with 10 beers, home by 3.

Funny Meme May I think I promised to have 3 beers and be home by 10. I always get those 2 mixed up.

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