25 Awesome Memes That Made Me Laugh Today

Take a break from what you’re doing and enjoy these awesome memes! Enjoy a good laugh and make sure you share them with everyone who could use a reason to smile today!

These 25 memes made my day today! I’ve decided to ignore all the bad news, the political posts, and the annoying arguments online, and only focus on things that make me laugh. If you also need a break from all the negativity, check out these awesome memes and enjoy a good laugh!

1. Oops! Be careful with those eyelashes!

When you have fake eyelashes and you open the oven to check on the food.

2. No! No! No! Kiwi on pizza? Never!

First, pineapple on pizza, now this?!

3. Good advice!

Never swallow bubble gum before your workout.

4. Yikes! I'd like to hear the story behind this...

When you die and they want to make sure you're never coming back.

5. That's 100% true.

Finally, an honest cookie:

6. So funny and creative!

This license plate is perfect:

7. One single letter can make such a huge difference:

blood stool urine seaman pregnancy etc are tasted here

8. I'd be doing the same thing if I didn't have to pay for rent or food.

When you don't have to pay for rent or food

9. Do you know where I can find them?

I'd grow my own food, but I cand find any bacon seeds.

10. It's awful when this happens, LOL

When you meet your friends and you're all wearing the same outfit:

11. That's why I prefer doughnuts to salads.

You know how when you buy a bag of salad, it starts getting brown and has gross water in it? Yeah, doughnuts never do that.

12. I think everyone did that!

Me, as a child, trying to see if the fridge light stays on after I close the door.

13. If you ever feel lonely, you know what to do:

I was feeling lonely, so I changed my Netflix password. I got 15 calls in 30 minutes.

14. He may not be koalafied, but he's cute!

When your Uber driver doesn't seem koalafied to drive.

15. That's why I drink lots of beer!

Beer doesn't have many vitamins. That's why you need to drink lots of it.

16. Cat? What cat?

No, I haven't seen the cat.

17. Haha! True story!

There's a reason why they call it "girls gone wild" and not "women gone wild." When girls go wild they go skinny dipping; When women go wild, they poison their husbands' food.

18. Poor kitty looks so disappointed!

When you're enjoying your present, then find out it's not for you.

19. This is what women really want:

Every woman's dream is that a man will take her in his arms, throw her on the bed... and clean the entire house while she sleeps.

20. Learn from this smart puppy!

Funny Random Memes To Cheer You Up If you can't hide a crime scene, just pretend you are a victim.

21. It just MOTIVATES me to stop looking outside!

Funny Random Memes To Cheer You Up Whenever I see someone jogging outside it inspires me to get up and close the blinds.

22. I can't wait for winter to end!

Funny cold weather winter snow storm memes: Me waiting for it to be spring already:

23. I'll admit it! I do this sometimes, too!

Funny Random Memes To Cheer You Up When you slip something in the cart hoping that your spouse won't notice.

24. Ha! The irony!

Dads: No daughter of mine is leaving the house dressed like that. Dads in the '80s:

25. You sure do!

I don't always get what I want... Oh, wait. Yes, I do!

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