25 Animal Moms Who Adopted Babies From A Different Species

animal moms adopt different species babies

Animals really are incredible. These moms adopted orphaned babies, even if they were from a different species.

I think people could learn something here! These amazing animal moms adopted orphaned babies even if they were from different species. The babies needed a mom, so these beautiful animals acted as surrogate moms. Some of the examples in this interesting gallery are quite unexpected.

1. This kid was an orphan, so the dog stepped up and became his adoptive dad.

dog adopts baby goat

2. This cat's owners found an orphaned baby squirrel and introduced it to their cat, who instantly accepted it as one of her own.

cat adopts squirrel
cat adopts squirrel

3. Momma hen adopted a puppy.

hen adopts puppy

4. This hen adopted some ducklings.

hen adopts baby ducks

5. This hen adopted some orphaned kittens.

hen adopts kittens

6. Momma tiger lost her cubs, so her handlers brought her some orphaned piglets. They became family.

tiger mom adopts piglets

7. This pug adopted two tiger cubs.

pug adopts baby tigers

8. Momma dog adopts baby possums and carries them around on her back.

dog adopts baby possums
dog adopts baby possums

9. Momma hen adopts puppies.

hen adopts puppy

10. The cat is their new mom.

cat adopts chicks

11. Momma dog adopts leopard cubs.

dog adopts leopard cubs

12. This dog adopted orphaned tiger cubs.

dog adopts baby tigers

13. This dog adopted kittens. So cute!

dog adopts kittens

14. Momma cat has adopted some orphaned hedgehogs.

Cat adopts hedgehogs

15. The cow has adopted two adorable lambs.

Cow adopts lambs

16. Momma cat has adopted baby skunks.

Cat adopts baby skunks

17. One of these babies is not like the other.

Dog adopts kitten

18. So what if you're adopted? Momma cat loves you!

Cat adopt puppy

19. This peacock adopted a duckling.

Peacock adopts duckling

20. Momma Hen adopted two baby pigeons.

Chicken adopts pigeons

21. Cat adopts bunnies.

cat adopts bunnies

22. This cat adopted a duckling.

cat adopts duckling

23. This monkey adopted a kitten.

monkey adopts kitten

24. The dog adopted a bunch of chicks, and this is the cutest family ever!

dog adopts chicks

25. This dog adopted a fox kit.

Dog adopts baby fox

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