25 Adorable Photos Showing That Kids Have The Purest Hearts

adorable innocent childrenadorable innocent children

Children are so innocent! These adorable photos will melt your heart.

Kids have the purest hearts. When we are children, our hopes and dreams are innocent and full of love. I’m not sure what happens, and at what point we lose our innocence, but it’s such a pity we don’t keep our pure hearts forever. Can you imagine how beautiful this world would be if we all stayed as innocent as these kids? Check out these adorable photos and share the fun with your friends!

1. This little girl holds the umbrella for her dog. So adorable!

adorable innocent child hold umbrella for dog

2. Kids are so innocent! This little boy trying to help out a bunny statue is too pure for our world.

adorable innocent child helps rabbit statue

3. This adorable photo just melted my heart. He is so innocent!

adorable innocent child holds mannequin hand at the store

4. When your best buddy is thirsty...

adorable innocent child gives water to dog

5. This boy fell asleep near his favorite animal. So cute!

adorable innocent child sleeps near cow

6. When asked to watch his baby sister, this kid put on his superhero costume and did his job.

adorable innocent child spiderman watches baby sister

7. She slept in the drawer, so her toys could be comfortable in the bed. Kids have the purest hearts!

adorable innocent child sleeps in drawer so toys can sleep in bed

8. I wonder if it worked! These two best friends are so adorable!

adorable innocent child white boy and black boy say they get the same haircuts so teacher can't tell them apart.

9. The little girl wants a dance with the statue. So precious!

adorable innocent child dances with statue

10. I think someone's hungry! Children are so innocent!

adorable innocent child sucks on plastic mannequin breast

11. You're getting a bit handsy, little buddy!

adorable innocent child is handsy with baby

12. They thought he was taking their picture...

adorable innocent children think they are having their photo taken

13. She gave this statue a kiss. So adorable!

adorable innocent child kisses statue

14. Just find someone who looks at you like this little boy looks at ketchup. That's LOVE!

adorable innocent child little boy loves ketchup

15. We are born kind. This little girl is wiping the tears of a character on TV.

adorable innocent child wipes tv tears

16. We are born to love and cherish all the creatures. This baby is so gentle with his puppy.

adorable innocent child and puppy

17. The little boy got in line with the statues! So precious.

adorable innocent child gets in line with statues

18. These little girls met at the store and said they were twins.

adorable innocent child little girls dressed as each other say they are twins

19. Kids really have the purest hearts. These children are reading to abandoned dogs at the shelter.

adorable innocent children reading to shelter dogs

20. We really don't need any words to describe this touching photo.

adorable innocent child helps wheelchair man

21. This baby dancing with a child statue is too adorable!

adorable innocent child dances with statue

22. He is so proud of himself! This little boy is so cute!

adorable innocent child puts carrots on furniture handles

23. The little boy put the puppy's safety first.

adorable innocent child saves puppy from flood

24. The original post said: "Every time the baby cries he runs up and puts his costume on to calm him down, works every time!"

adorable innocent child dresses up in costume to stop baby from crying

25. She's trying to help... kids are too pure for this world.

adorable innocent child helps jesus statue lift his cross

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