25 Adorable Owls That Will Make You Smile Today

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Raise your hand if you love owls! Check out this cute gallery and share the fun with someone who could use a reason to smile today!

Owls are wonderful creatures… that sometimes make the silliest faces and end up in Internet funny memes. They are majestic birds, but they sure can look goofy sometimes. I love owls, and these adorable photos really made me smile. Check out this cute gallery and share the fun with your friends!

1. This funny owl looks a lot like my aunt after a couple of drinks, when she starts hitting on younger men.

funny owl wink

2. This is the face I make the entire winter, until it's finally spring.

funny owl face

3. Wow, that's impressive!

funny owl silly face

4. When you see your annoying neighbor trip and fall.

funny owl laughing

5. Wow! You can see the whole Universe in this owl's eyes.

funny owl beautiful eyes

6. That one day you forget to bring an umbrella...

funny owl wet

7. This grumpy owl hates showering.

funny owl bath

8. Wow, beautiful! I want one, too!

majestic owl

9. The face you make after 10 beers.

funny owl silly face

11. Me, when my husband comes home at 2 AM after 10 beers:

funny owl babyf ace

12. When I hear someone say "My kid would never do that"

funny owl smiling

12. Me, before coffee kicks in, hiding behind m best friend at work.

funny owls cuddling

13. How my husband kisses me when my Ex walks by.

funny owls kissing

14. Walking back to the car when you forget your mask.

funny owl walking

15. Parents, when their children actually behave.

funny owl

16. When someone says a word that has dirty meaning.

funny owl chuckle

17. My face before 9 AM.

funny owl tired face

18. When you curse in front of your Mom.

funny owl baby and mom

19. Me showing off my cool new pants.

funny owl pants

20. When you're in a crowded elevator and someone starts yelling on their phone.

funny owl yawn

21. When you drink so much, you fall off the bar stool.

22. "Can we stay for 5 more minutes? Pleeeaaaase!"

23. Me vs. my husband when we go shopping.

funny owls

24. "I'm so hilarious!"

funny owl

25. "If you liked us, share us with your friends!"

funny owl

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