25 Adorable Animals Who Are All Ready For Spring

animals ready for spring

These animals are ready for spring, and so am I!

Now, this was a long winter. Whenever we felt spring was right around the corner, we’d wake up to realize it had snowed again. What’s up with that, Universe? I think it’s finally time for spring. These animals are ready, I’m ready, let’s do this! Check out these adorable animals and share the fun with your friends!

1. This adorable squirrel enjoys spring!

squirrel sniffing flowers
Photo source: VCG

2. I just want to be as happy as this horse rolling around in a field of flowers.

horse playing in flowers field
Photo source: VCG

3. This tiny mouse is so cute!

mouse smiling in a flower

4. I can't wait to sit in the sun like this.

kitten enjoys sun

5. Two cute eyes are watching us from inside a tulip.

tiny mouse in a tulip
Photo source: VCG

6. Let it be spring!

cat sniffing flowers

7. Ah, yes. Finally spring.

cat likes spring

8. This cat doesn't like spring. Maybe it's the allergies, who knows.

cat and flowers

9. Smile! It's spring!

dog with flower crown

10. Welcome spring!

cat plays with butterfly

11. Don't disturb me. I'm enjoying spring.

cat sniffing flowers

12. I've waited so long for this...

cat sniffing flowers

13. When times are hard... just sniff the flowers.

dog sniffing flowers

14. This dog is excited about spring.

dog sniffing flowers

15. Here! This will brighten your day!

baby chick sniffing flowers

16. Here's a little ass enjoying spring!

baby donkey sniffing flowers

17. Finally, spring!

fox sniffing flowers

18. There's so much love and happiness in this photo.

orangutans sniffing flowers

19. This dog loves sniffing the flowers!

dog sniffing flowers

20. Hello, I'm bringing you spring!

puppy with flower branch

21. Spring is beautiful!

cat sniffing flowers

22. Ah, yes... spring!

cat in flower pot enjoys sun

23. I'm bringing you joy!

dog carries flower

24. Welcome, spring!

ox in flower field

25. Ah, yes... enjoying the spring air!

dog enjoys sun

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