24 Funny Signs That Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry

Funny sign genitalia elevator

These hilarious signs are so funny they’ll make you laugh until you cry. Enjoy them all, and share the fun with your friends.

Whenever I see a funny sign like these hilarious ones, I wonder what’s the story behind it. Who in the world was the person who made these people write this sign? I bet the people making these signs could write a book with all their stories, and it would be a GREAT one.

Some signs hide stories, while others fail so hard… they just win. In the following list, you’ll see 25 hilarious signs that made people stop whatever they were doing to take a picture. Enjoy the laugh and share the fun with your friends!

1. LOL! If you see someone drowning, what?

Funny sign: if you see someone drowning lol
Photo: MisleadingUsernames / Via imgur.com

2. I have to ask: how many people wanted to rent a pig, if they had to make this funny sign?

funny sign: we don't rent pigs
Photo: greensky265 / Via reddit.com

3. Why? What happened? Who opened and tried on this product?

funny sign condom: please do not open or try out product
Photo Via imgur.com

4. This very... specific. I've never seen a child that is pregnant, elderly and pregnant, but they have a special toilet here!

Funny sign: Attention toilet only for disabled elderly pregnant children
Photo: imgur.com / Via EmperorElephant

5. OMG, Ikea. What happened?

Funny sign: ikea toilet
Photo: tacoslammer via reddit.com

6. Well, you wouldn't have to hire AGAIN if you didn't put your secret ingredient in your food.

Funny sign: wendy our secret ingredient is our people
Photo: imgur.com / Via EmperorElephant

7. This must be a typo. They must have meant something else. Right?

Funny sign sink
Photo: ThatPastyWhiteGuy via reddit.com

8. Why? Who thought it was? And is there a video?

Funny sign: this is not an exit
Photo Via imgur.com

9. Do you need help satanizing? Should I bring my candles and pentagrams?

Funny sign: laundry room closed for satanizing

10. There must be a crazy story behind this funny sign and I MUST hear it. If you've heard it, please just post in the comments.

Funny sign: do not click buttons with genitalia

11. I think it's pretty gross you're eating in the restroom, to be honest. I get that you're a cannibal, but have some manners!

Funny sign: restroom is for eating customers only

12. Listen, Debbie. I don't care what weird thing you have going on, but you're not laying a finger on me.

Funny sign: all girls with long hair must be tied up

13. What recent events? What happened with the oreos in the library? Tell us more!

Funny sign: no ores allowed in the library
Photo Via imgur.com

14. "Okay, repeat after me: retinal, retinal, retinal. Got it?"

Funny sign: free rectal photography

15. Ever since I first saw this funny sign, I have been wondering what did Joe do? And how bad was it?

Funny sign: accident free since joe left

16. This sounds like a very lovely place to be. Work free? Count me in!

Funny sign: work free drug place

17. I love this new sign at the bowling alley.

Funny sign: new rules at the bowling alley, do not touch other people's balls

18. I bet the employees at this coffee shop had some good laughs before they put up this sign.

Funny sign: coffee syrups not hand sanitizers

19. Ok, if you insist...

Funny sign: open door before entering

20. There is absolutely nothing with this sign. Since the pen is broken, you are kindly asked to use your finger.

Funny sign: pen is broken please use finger

21. When you work at the bank:

Funny sign: mask sing at the bank

22. This sounds nice, but I've been waiting for a while, and no one came to wash my hands yet.

Funny sign: employee must wash your hands

23. When you want to convince your customers to wear a mask:

Funny sign: if you come into the store without a mask, we will take your temperature

24. This guy put up a sign because he's missing his dog.

Funny sign: missing dog

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