21 Funny Memes: The Best Memes In July 2020

Funny Memes July 2020

Check out these funny memes! They were the most hilarious, most appreciated and most shared by our community in July 2020. Share the fun!

Whatever happens, come the apocalypse, there’s one thing we know for sure: we’ll make some hilarious jokes about it. Laughter and fun can take us through anything, and 2020 has just proved this.

The following are 21 funny memes that made us laugh to tears in July 2020. Share the fun with your friends, and remember: laughter is the best medicine!

1. This is more than just a funny meme, lol. We never thought we’d go at the bank asking for money, while wearing a mask. But it’s today reality.

Funny meme: meanwhile at the bank.

2. This funny sign says “Employees must wash your hands”, but I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes and no one came!

Funny meme: employees must wash your hands funny sign.

3. Leaving the house in 2020 is so different than before. Got your keys? Phone? Sanitizer? Mask? Holy Water?

Funny meme: leaving the house in 2020.

4. With new rules come new corporate problems:

Funny meme: new corporate problems. which one of you just called me an asshole?

5. This may look like a funny meme, but it’s actually very good advice. For your safety, please follow it always.

Funny meme: when your wife is mowing the lawn, that's not a good time to ask her when dinner will be ready.

6. Sometimes you’ve just got to unbutton your pants.

Funny meme: I thought I was sick because I couldn't breathe. Then I unbuttoned my pants.

7. When you lose your focus…

Funny meme: it looks like someone lost their focus.

8. Those intellectuals who talk about Mozart while they’ve never even seen one of his paintings are the worse!

Funny meme: I hate it when people act all intellectual and talk about Mozart while they've never even seen one of his paintings.

9. LOL, this meme is hilarious:

Funny meme: drunk monkey hits lion.

10. If the planet had an official flag, this would be the one for 2020.

Funny meme: the official flag of 2020.

11. Remember when we are advised to stay away from negative people? This year things were upside down: we had to stay away from positive people and ironically, ‘positive’ was the most negative word.

Funny meme: positive - the most negative word of the year.

12. When you drink so much, you forget which game you’re playing:

Funny meme: Play pool with gulf club.

13. This funny meme is so real, it hurts. Being one of the people who got to use pay phones, this picture makes me feel old as dirt.

Funny meme: young people exploring ancient ruins - teenagers taking pictures of pay phone.

14. I’m so glad that ‘stray dog’ finally found a home.

Funny meme: rescuing stray dogs, hilarious

15. When the ghost doesn’t believe the house is haunted, at all.

Funny meme: haunted house

16. At least he’s not bored…

Funny meme: dog looking out the window

17. This funny meme is so on point! It’s true, this is the difference between a big sister and a big brother.

Funny meme: big brother versus big sister

18. If Hugh Hefner became rich staying home in his pajamas, I see no reason why I wouldn’t have the same results.

Funny meme: Hugh Heffner got rich staying home in his pajamas

19. It hurts, but this is reality. What we expected to do this summer versus what we did.

Funny meme: summer 2020 expectations vs reality

20. Grandma: all you people think about these days is sex. Wrong, Grandma!

Funny meme: grandma - all you people think about these days is sex. also grandma:

21. Hmm, does anyone know what kind of kangaroo this is? LOL, this is hilarious:

Funny meme: black kangaroo dog hilarious

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