20 Very Good Reasons Why Drinking At Home Is Better Than The Bar

If you are suffering because you can no longer go to the bar, here are a few reasons why drinking at home is so much better.

One of the things that changed in 2020 is going out for drinks. Wow. I can hardly remember the last time I went to a bar. It feels like that’s something I used to do many, many years ago, in another life. I guess it kinda was in another life.

So, yeah, as bars were closed in some areas, people were simply forced to start drinking at home. What were we supposed to do? Quit it? Drinking at home is a little bit different than the bar, but it’s still fun!

Sure, you might run into your mother-in-law, but it’s a lot cheaper! Sure, your family is there, but you can drink in your pajamas! There are pros and cons, obviously. Here are my 20 reasons why drinking at home is better than the bar.

1. Happy hour never ends.

2. There’s no one there to judge you for drinking early in the morning.

3. Everyone there treats you like family.

4. There’s no last call. (Unless you’re married, of course)

5. You can drink naked. 

6. No one throws you out if you fall asleep there.

7. The DJ has good taste in music.

8. It’s so much cheaper, and you don’t have to tip your server.

9. No one yells if you dance in your underwear.

10. The wife/husband won’t call every 30 minutes asking when you’re coming home.

11. No one gives you weird looks for wearing your pajamas at the bar.

12. There isn’t anyone who might pick a fight. (Unless you’re married, of course)

13. Your singing isn’t bothering anyone.

14. No one yells at you if you take off your shoes at the table.

15. You can drink alone, without anyone thinking you’re a weirdo.

16. There’s no chance to run into your ex.

17. You can drink tequila straight from the bottle.

18. No one looks at you like you’re too old to be hanging out there.

19. There are fewer chances to sleep with someone you might regret.

20. You don’t have to remember where you live.

Let’s hear yours! Why do you think drinking at home is better than bar? Share your answer in the comments section!

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