20 Things That Will Never Go Out Of Style

20 Things That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Good manners, kindness, intelligence, and respect are just some of the things that will never go out of style. What else do you think belongs on this list?

1. Good manners.

Positive Famous Quote Good manners are ageless, priceless, and classless. - Diana Mather

Good manners will always be in style. It’s so important to be polite, to mind your own business, to respect people’s privacy, or use the magic words. Always remember what your parents have thought you, and make them proud wherever you go!

2. Kindness

Positive Famous Quote Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. - Princess Diana

We need so much more kindness in our world. I honestly think that’s the main thing we’re missing. All our lives would be so much better if each person would be just a little kinder every day. 

3. Brains

You know what lasts longer than beauty? Being smart.

Maybe if people focused less on their looks, and more on their brains, our world would be in another – much better – place. My advice to the following generation is: focus less on how you look, and more on what you know; spend less money on looking pretty, and invest in books and school. Be smart, people! Because when your looks will eventually fade away, you’ll still have your intelligence.

4. Good grammar

Let's eat grandma, punctuation saves lives meme

Punctuation saves lives and good grammar will always be in style.

5. Good hygiene

Phoebe friends wash your hands

Good hygiene has always been and will always be in style, yet so many people ignore this. When this pandemic started, the first thing they told us was “wash your hands”. Seriously? They have to repeatedly say it on TV, so we practice good hygiene? Wash your hands, people! And not just your hands, if we’re at it.

6. Respect

I was raised to show respect

Our generation was taught to respect others. Everyone, regardless of what they do for a living. I was taught that for others to respect you, you need to show some respect yourself.

7. Morality

There are some things money just can't buy, like manners, morals, and common sense. quote

Honor, honesty, or fairness will never go out of style. Upright, decent people are a rare thing because standing by your principles is a hard thing to do, with all the corruption these days. That’s why moral individuals are so valuable in our society.

8. Love

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. Quote

If you put love into everything you do, your life will always be a fairytale.

9. General Knowledge

Knowledge is the new rich, arm yourselves with it. quote

When I was a kid, if you wanted to learn new things, you’d put on your clothes, walk to the library, and spend some time there reading and making notes. Nowadays, all the information is online, just a click away. Sadly, so many people still use the Internet to stalk their exes.

10. Friendship

A true friend is the best possession. Quote

I don’t know what I’d do without my friends. Friendship is very important to me, and I hope the next generation will still value it. Friends are the family you choose.

11. Weddings

funny wedding meme

More and more people choose not to get married, saying they don’t need a piece of paper to prove their love for each other. However, weddings will never go out of style because they are so much more than signing a piece of paper. A wedding is a celebration of love before family, friends, and God. And while the papers are important, this event is so much more than that.

12. Loyalty

It's not about who is real in your face. It's about who stays loyal behind your back.

Loyalty is one of the qualities I appreciate the most, probably because it is so rare, nowadays.

13. Family

What divides us pales in comparison to what unites us.

I know many people won’t agree, but for me, family is sacred. I was raised to respect the sanctity of family and to keep close with relatives, even if we don’t always agree… or like each other.

14. A sense of humor

If we couldn't laugh, we would all lose our minds.

Having a sense of humor is one of the sexiest qualities one can have. I fell in love with my husband because he made me laugh, and he still cracks me up every day, making me fall in love with him over and over again. I think the day we will all stop laughing, this world will end. And seeing how much people get ‘offended’ by the most innocent jokes, I fear we’re not very far.

15. Good books

funny meme about readin

Good books will never go out of style. Some of them have been around for centuries, and will probably last for many decades after we’re gone.

16. Giving back to your community

if you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.

Even a small gesture can make a big difference. Always try to do your part and give back to the community.

17. Hard work

funny meme that feeling you get when your hard work pays off.

Hard work pays off! My husband and I both come from families that didn’t have much. Unlike others, we didn’t have a big start in life. But we worked hard and managed to make a living. Sure, we sometimes had to do jobs we didn’t really want or like. But we showed up and did the work. Because staying on your mom’s couch and complaining about how unfair life is won’t get you very far.

18. Birthday Parties

birthday llama

Not even the lockdown stopped us from celebrating life!

19. Family Gatherings

cousins. cousins everywhere.

Every year I say “this was the last family gathering I attended”. But it’s never the last one, and even as write this, I look forward to the next one, even though I know it will end with me promising “this was the last family gathering I attended”.

20. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

friends tv show

This is such a good show, it still cracks me up. What is one thing that will never go out of style, in your opinion? Share your answer in the comments!

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