20 Rules For A Happy Life

20 Rules For A Happy Life

Here are 20 rules for a happy life! Check them and share them with everyone who could some wisdom and a reason to smile!

1. Everything you do, do it with kindness.

Put kindness in everything you do. All your actions, do them out of the goodness of your heart. There’s so much hate in this world, and so much negativity, it’s harming all of us. So, let’s not add to it. If you’re gonna speak, make sure you speak kind words. You can be anything you want in this world, so please, choose to be kind.

2. Be generous.

So many people are focused on just themselves. Their money. Their career. Their toilet paper, lol. So many people choose to ignore that there are others in this world, too. So many people choose to close their eyes when they pass someone in need. Please don’t be that person. Instead, be the person who helps others, no matter what.

3. Don't take yourself too seriously.

Life’s too short. Don’t take yourself and your life too seriously. Laugh, be playful, make jokes and enjoy every second.

4. Make peace with the past.

There’s one thing we’re all chasing: happiness. We often mistake happiness for money, wealth, or nice things. But happiness is something else. It’s all about being peaceful. And carrying heavy baggage from the past will only disturb your peace. So, make peace with the past and put it behind you, where it belongs.

5. Don't listen or care about what other people think.

That’s their own business, not yours. Whatever you do, there will always be someone saying you did it wrong. There will always be someone thinking you should do things one way or another. But it doesn’t matter. You follow your own path and let them fill their pathetic lives with their worthless thoughts and words.

6. Time heals almost everything.

Time heals almost every wound, so let it pass.

7. Don't overthink everything.

Stress can kill you, you know? I know you want to get everything right, but overthinking can actually make things work. Trust your instincts, be patient, and everything will turn out great, you’ll see.

8. Get rid of the toxic people in your life.

This pandemic has really given us the chance to keep toxic people away. And it’s been great! I’ve eliminated negative people from my life, and it’s been so good for my soul. We waste too much precious time and energy with people who just take and take, without ever giving anything in return.

9. Don't ever compare your life to others'.

You never know someone’s full story. Their life may seem perfect, but from what I’ve learned, it rarely is. Don’t you ever wish you had someone else’s life… because you have no idea what they’re really going through.

10. Growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional.

Never lose touch with your inner child. Have fun, be playful, enjoy every day. This is how you stay young!

11. Remember, this too shall pass.

When things are bad, remember: this too shall pass. Be patient. When things are good, remember: this too shall pass. Enjoy every second.

12. Smile.

When you don’t know what to wear, put on a smile. That always makes you look great. Besides, it’s contagious! And before you know it, the whole world will be smiling with you.

13. Count your blessings, not your troubles.

Counting your troubles is a waste of time. Focus on the blessings and the beautiful things you have in your life. Being happy is about appreciating what we have, not crying for the things we don’t. Be grateful.

14. Forgive.

Some people may not deserve your forgiveness, but you deserve your peace.

15. Listen more than you speak.

When you really, really listen, you learn so many valuable things. We often listen, just so we can reply. But once you start really listening, you uncover so many things… about this world, and about the people around you. And, it makes you a great friend. People love good listeners!

16. Don't hold grudges.

Grudges are like heavy rocks we carry around all our lives, for nothing. They don’t bring you any joy, or happiness, they only take away your peace. Drop them and focus on what makes you happy.

17. Only speak the sweetest words.

Even when you’re disagreeing with someone, only use the nicest words. Be kind. Don’t hate.

18. Be grateful.

Practice gratitude. You are luckier than many, and at any given moment, things could be worse. So, be grateful and appreciate what you have.

19. Read. Listen to music. Spend time in nature.

Shout down the TV for a change. Put down your phone. Instead of reading the news, conspiracy theories, or nasty comments, read a nice book. Instead of watching TV, go out and enjoy nature.

20. Don't postpone happiness.

Do more of what makes you happy, and do it now. Money, work, the job, they don’t come first. Family comes first and the moments you spend with your loved ones. Don’t postpone the things that make you happy.

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