20 Funny Times Bears Chilled In Some Unusual Places

funny bears chilling in strange places

These bears left the woods to chill in some strange places. Check out the funny gallery and share the fun with your friends!

These bears were spotted chilling in some rather odd places. Some left the woods searching for a place to cool down, others found a cozy spot while looking for food, and some of these bears are just odd creatures doing unexplainable things. Check out the funny gallery and share it with someone who could use a reason to smile today!

1. If only there was also a TV...

funny bear sits on sofa

2. After a rough day, you just need to chill in the jacuzzi.

funny bear in jacuzzi

3. A quick nap in the kiddie pool.

funny bear in kiddy pool

4. Took the kids to the pool!

funny bear family in pool

5. What's everyone doing up there?

funny bears in tree

6. That awful moment when you realize you're too big for the slide...

funny bear on the kids slide

7. Now what?

funny bear on top of a pole

8. That looks comfy...

funny bear in the kiddy pool

9. This bear is having fun!

funny bear on hammock

10. Worst. Pool. Ever.

funny bear pool

11. It's been a long day...

funny bear on matress

12. "How do you drive this thing?"

funny bear ski jet

13. How much longer do I need to wait for that cold beer?

funny bear chilling at the table

14. That's just odd.

funny bear in taxi

15. This bear grills. LOL.

funny bear grills

16. What's this guy doing up there?

funny bear electricity pole

17. Hanging out at the park.

funny bear picnic table

18. The bear looks so happy!

funny bear on the bike

19. When you eat too much:

funny bear sleeps on picnic table

20. "Chilling at my mountain cabin"

funny bear patio

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Animals Make Us Laugh

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