20 Funny Medical Memes Proving That Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Funny medical memes

Share the fun with a healthcare worker who might need a laugh! Enjoy!

There’s not much us simple citizens can do to help healthcare workers, except protect ourselves and stay out of their way. We’ll do our best, as we know they’ve got their hands full these days. Also, we’ll try to put a smile on their faces now and then, because they sure need a laugh.

These medical memes are hilarious, I bet doctors, nurses, and all healthcare workers will relate! Laughter is the best medicine, but we sure do appreciate all their efforts to keep everyone healthy! Whether your a healthcare worker or not, I hope these funny memes will make your day!

1. Thank God this is just a funny meme, and it doesn't happen in real life. That would be so awkward LMFAO!

Funny medical meme doctor's waiting room: In order to follow privacy requirements we can't call our patients by their names. The lady with hemorrhoids, please come in.

2. When it's time, it's time! You have to admit it, and enjoy your retirement!

Funny medical meme: sometimes you have to admit it's time to retire.

3. One of the things you don't want to hear before surgery:

Funny medical meme: relax david, it's just a small surgery, don't panic.

4. Admit it: did you notice the missing eyebrow at first?

Funny medical meme: why is dentistry important? Because even though he's missing an eyebrow, the first thing you noticed was his smile.

5. These are the precious words of a wise doctor. Too bad we can't read them.

Funny medical meme: A wise doctor once wrote

6. Paracetamol, obviously.

Funny medical meme: what is this? paracetamol whatsapp

7. A nurse's skills are not only useful at work, you know.

Funny medical meme: when a nurse takes up gardening.

8. Nursing isn't stressful at all! This 39-year-old looks and feels so relaxed.

Funny medical meme: who says nursing is stressful? I'm 39 and I feel great!

9. If only we could all become strippers... sadly, it's not that easy.

Funny medical meme: Sometimes I think to quit nursing! I'll just quit and be a stripper. Then I remember I'm fat and can't dance

10. This story is hilarious! "I want my blood back" LOL!

Funny medical meme: post I want my blood back.

11. If only we could read their signs...

Funny medical meme: Doctors are protesting and no one knows why.

12. This dress code doesn't seem fair, don't you think?

Funny medical meme: I was called into my manager's office today because of my dress code. He said "This has to stop You can't wear pajamas in the workplace." I said "but everyone else does!" He said, "that's because they're patients!"

13. This is how doctors listen to music:

Funny medical meme: How doctors listen to music.

14. Always be nice to your nurses. No just because they get to choose the size of the needle. They work so hard, they deserve all our kindness, love, and respect.

Funny medical meme: Be nice to nurses. remember, needles have sizes and they get to choose.

15. You can't have personal problems if you don't have a personal life.

Funny medical meme: Problems in your personal life? Choose a medical career: no personal life, no problems!

16. When your Doctor is a funny guy:

Funny medical meme: obesity runs in my family

17. Psychotherapist is just one word! I love this:

Funny medical meme: psycho the rapist is one word

18. I'd love to be these cuties' patient! They look so professional!

Funny medical meme: medical students watching surgery for the first time

19. Just one last joke about the doctors' handwriting before you go:

Funny medical meme: who are we? doctors! what do we want?

20. LOL, then no.

Funny medical meme

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