15 Funny Random Memes To Get You In The Mood For The Weekend!

Start your weekend with a good laugh. Here are 15 hilarious memes to put you in a good mood.

Yay, the weekend’s finally here! We weren’t expecting much from this past week, but boy! Has this year started rough! This past week wasn’t easy. For me, mostly because I could’ve used a few more vacation days to rest. Also, I got used to sleeping until noon, and now I have to get back to normal.

But the weekend’s here now, so we can relax, open a bottle of wine, lay back, and enjoy some funny jokes. Here are 15 memes that cracked me up this week, check them out, and share the fun with your friends.

1. Alexa, take down the Christmas decorations!

2. When Grandma hears you've been bullied:

3. I'd love to lose weight, but I hate those scams!

4. When Grandma hears that you've run out of toilet paper:

5. Setting your alarm while drunk:

6. People over 40 have done crazy things... but it was before the internet.

7. 2 minutes is 2 minutes!

8. My favorite coloring picture. Nailed it!

9. Every time I go shopping:

10. A photo from Josh's last day on the job:

11. When the doctor says you should eat more fish:

12. Me, this weekend! LOL, I love this hilarious meme!

13. This is how you tell right from wrong:

14. "Become invisible"

15. Only procrastinators will understand this:

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