15 Funny Memes For Everyone Who Started This Year With A Diet

Check out these 15 funny diet memes and share the fun with your friends!

How’s your diet going? After spending a whole year on the couch, going on a diet was imminent. If last year we didn’t really need to have a summer body, as we stayed in anyway, this year it seems we’re going to have an actual summer. Besides, it appears that we’ll also have weddings in 2021, and other such events where pictures are taken.

As a result, people like me, who cannot eat as much they want without putting on weight, have started the new year with a diet. How fun is it? Well, the funny memes below perfectly describe how my diet’s going. And if you’re one of us, you’ll probably relate to them. Check them out:

1. This is the first step: Eat everything.

Funny diet meme: I have removed all the bad food from the house. It was delicious.

2. It's terrifying, I know!

Funny diet meme: Homer simpson

3. Going to the gym isn't for me, to be honest. Drinking margaritas is, though.

Funny diet meme: What I mean when I say I'll go to the gym with you.

4. Does anyone know? I'd like to do this right!

Funny diet meme: How long are you supposed to rest between gym sets? Six months? A year?

5. Ask me again, and I'll eat you!

Funny diet meme: When someone tells me "I thought you were on a diet"

6. This diet is going great!

Funny diet meme: Since I'm on a diet, I now eat three slices of pizza instead of six.

7. When you're trying to avoid looking at the cookies. Sooo hard!

Funny diet meme: Me, trying to focus on my diet

8. I'll start again tomorrow!

Funny diet meme: I finally started my diet today. Five minutes later:

9. How my diet's going? Grrreat!

Funny diet meme: broken scale, how my diet is going.

10. I'm very close to eating the wall myself.

Funny diet meme: When you cut sugar and carbs from your diet.

11. Yeah, how many more salads am I supposed to eat?

Funny diet meme: I ate my first salad and didn't become skinny.

12. Just one slice won't hurt!

Funny diet meme: When you're on a diet, and you only eat one slice.

13. Big day tomorrow!

Funny diet meme: When your diet starts tomorrow:

14. Leave me alone, Mc Donald's! I have a different life now!

Funny diet meme: When you're trying to stay healthy, but your demons haunt you.

15. Yeah. Sad day. The sandwich was good, though.

Funny diet meme: When it's January fifth, and you've already failed your resolution to get skinny.

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