15 Best Childhood Moments We Miss The Most

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Here are 15 things we miss from our childhood. What do you miss the most?

Playing outside, family road trips, and those special moments we shared with our siblings, are just some of the precious childhood memories we will cherish forever. I’m not even sure what I miss most… Living life without worry? The smell of freshly baked cookies at Grandma’s home? Or playing outside for hours?

Who remembers what life looked out before we had any smartphones? Who remembers those times when we found joy in the smallest and simplest things? Who remembers playing games that are now considered ‘dangerous’? It was a different era. And we had so much fun!

Here are 15 of our favorite childhood memories. Feel free to add yours in the comment section. Enjoy!

1. Who remembers the fun years when we didn't have to pay bills? Ow, the good old days!

who remembers childhood memories: the thing I miss most about childhood? Not paying bills.

2. This was one of my favorite things in the park! I loved jumping off so I could slam the other kid's butt, LOL!

who remembers childhood memories: who remembers slamming your butt on the ground when the other kid jumped off?

3. For some reason, sandwiches tasted so much better on a road trip than at home. I miss this. I couldn't wait for the car to start so I could eat my sandwich...

who remembers childhood memories - who remembers eating lunch like this on family road trips?

4. Who remembers swinging up to the sky? This was so much fun!

who remembers childhood memories: who remembers swinging up high the poles lifted up our of the ground?

5. One of my favorite childhood memories was Grandma spoiling us with the best snacks. To tell you a secret... she still does.

who remembers childhood memories - when grandma gives you just a little snack before you go home.

6. Everyone used to play on this very 'dangerous' kid rocket-launching hunk of metal, and we all survived. At least, that's what I think.

who remembers childhood memories - If you've ever played on this puke-causing, concussion-giving, bone-breaking, kid rocket-launching hunk of metal and survived, you are a true warrior?

7. Who remembers teleportation? When I was a kid I fell asleep in all kinds of places, and always woke up in my bed. Sadly, I've lost that strange 'ability'.

who remembers childhood memories - what I miss most from childhood is teleportation. I used to fall asleep on the couch and wake up in bed all the time. Sadly, it doesn't work anymore.

8. Another beautiful childhood memory. How I miss this!

who remembers childhood memories - who else remembers getting burned alive on these during the summer? We knew it would hurt, but we still did it!

9. I'm sure you know what this is! Water balloons! Summers were so great when we were kids.

who remembers childhood memories - if you know what this is, you had a great childhood!

10. Who remembers the "eat it or starve" rule? I sure do! Thanks to that rule, I grew up being able to eat almost anything.

who remembers childhood memories - Did you have the "eat it or starve" rule when you were kids?

11. As the oldest child in my family, I can confirm this is true! I miss having fun with my little brother.

who remembers childhood memories - the difference between a big sister and a big brother.

12. Who remembers the summer vacations, when all the cousins got together at Grandma's house?

who remembers childhood memories - back in the day, this is what snap chat meant.

13. Are you kidding me? IT STILL DOES! Haha!

who remembers childhood memories - anyone else grew up in a house where a sigh was considered talking back'?

14. Of course we smoked candy cigarettes! Being a child was extremely stressful!

who remembers childhood memories - who remembers candy cigarettes? Did you 'smoke' them?

15. We all did it! How else were we supposed if they were still good? LOL!

who remembers childhood memories - admit it! have you ever done this as a child?

Wow, this was supposed to be a fun article, but somehow writing it made me a little sad. There are so many moments, places, but especially people from my childhood I miss terribly! I hope I didn’t make you sad, too.

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