13 Funny Christmas Memes We Loved This Year

The Holidays are here! Check out these funny Christmas memes we loved this year!

Christmas is here! I’m guessing you’re all eating, drinking, and exchanging gifts with your loved ones. I hope Santa has brought you everything you’ve wished for. I’m wishing you health, happiness, and a very happy new year. I hope 2021 will be a lot better for you. For all of us.

For me, Christmas was different this year, as we couldn’t have a large family gathering. But even though we were far in distance… we were so close at heart. I can’t explain why, but we all felt a lot closer. Even though our house wasn’t full of people like the year before… there was so, so much love. And gratitude. And peace. And I hope it was the same for you.

I’ve put together the third and last list of funny Christmas memes this year. Check them out, enjoy a good laugh, and make sure you share them with all your friends! Merry Christmas, Bouncy Mustard friends!

1. Better safe than sorry!

Funny Christmas Meme: Santa's grandson

2. True story!

Funny Christmas Meme: December 23, one day before men start shopping

3. They know this already, lol:

Funny Christmas Meme: Gonna go lay under the Christmas tree to remind my family that I'm a gift.

4. I love this hilarious photo. So funny!

5. It's true!

Funny Christmas Meme: Do you know what you're getting for Christmas? Fat. You're getting fat.

6. Thanks for all the goodies, Santa!

Funny Christmas Meme: Santa alcohol shopping

7. Exactly like this:

Funny Christmas Meme: Me, after the Christmas dinner

8. Boxes!!!

9. 2020 Christmas tree:

Funny Christmas Meme: 2020 Christmas tree.

10. This doesn't seem fair.

Funny Christmas Meme: Santa works one day a year, spends the rest of it judging you.

11. Well, guess what? He did it again!

12. My schedule until January:

13. I have three things in common with Santa Claus:

Funny Christmas Meme: Things I have in common with Santa: I eat other people's food if it's left unattended. I visit people once a year. I'm fat.

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